How to Connect a Controller to An Android Device


Mobile games have gotten one of the most mainstream types of gaming, with a great many Android clients playing each day. But did you realize that it’s conceivable to mess around on your Android utilizing your PlayStation 4 controller? It’s actual — and it’s not as precarious as it sounds. Touch controls for mobile games aren’t consistently incredible. Maybe they’re inadequately actualized, or perhaps your gadget doesn’t bolster multitouch. Rather than getting baffled about this, why not associate a game controller? Best way to connect a controller to an Android device.

connect a controller to an android devices

You can interface numerous kinds of controllers to Android using USB or Bluetooth, including your Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch controllers. Here’s how to associate any Game Controller to your Android gadget to upgrade your mobile gaming.

Best way to Connect a Controller to An Android Device

Control Android Games Over USB or Bluetooth

Your Android gaming will get an extensive lift with the assistance of a controller. In case you’re playing Fortnite on your telephone, or in any event, something slower-paced like Minecraft, a controller gives more strength than Connect a Controller to An Android Device.

By and large, you’ll associate controllers utilizing either a USB link or Bluetooth. You have five generic alternatives for interfacing a game controller to your Android telephone:

  • Standard USB controller
  • Standard Bluetooth controller
  • Xbox One controller
  • PS4 controller

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

In a second, we’ll take a gander at each of these like this. Note that we’re skirting more established comfort controllers (for example, the Xbox 360 controller) due to outdated applications and changes to Android’s Bluetooth support.connect a controller to an android devices

Interface a USB Controller to Android

If you need to snatch any USB controller and begin messing around on Android, you’ll need a USB-OTG link. This is a single dongle that adjusts a standard USB connector to fit in your telephone or tablet.

In any case, the OTG-USB link accomplishes more than that, in any event, letting you interface all way of USB gadgets and drives to Android Connect a Controller to An Android Device. Our manual for OTG-USB clarifies this in more detail.

You’ll first need to buy a USB-OTG link. They’re accessible for inexpensively Amazon. Ensure you pick a USB-C or small scale USB connector relying upon what your telephone employments

Interface the USB-OTG dongle to your Android telephone; at that point, associate the USB game controller to that. Games with controller backing ought to identify the gadget, and you’ll be prepared to play. That is all you need.

Associate a Standard Bluetooth Controller to Android

On the off chances that you have a conventional Bluetooth game controller, you’re nearly ensured that it will work with your Android gadget. It’s almost as necessary as interfacing a USB controller, even though you won’t need any dongles.

Open Settings > Connected gadgets > Connection inclinations > Bluetooth > Pair new device, the way to Connect a Controller to An Android Device at that point, adhere to the particular directions make your controller discoverable. Search for a devoted Bluetooth catch, or check the manual for the correct catch mix.

Your telephone ought to distinguish the controller; tap its name to build up the association. As with USB, games that can utilize controllers will identify them when you start the game. Different games may bolster controllers, yet require new programming from Google Play.

Interface an Xbox One Controller to Android Phone

If you have the Xbox One controller, you’ve just got a unique method to control Android games. However, how basic is it to connect one to your Android gadget?

Similar to associating the Xbox One controller to your Windows PC, you needn’t bother with any extra equipment with a more up to date model controller. A run of the mill Android gadget’s Bluetooth support is all you have to associate the controller to your telephone or tablet (or Android TV).

Before beginning, ensure the controller is completely energized, and you’ve unplugged your Xbox One. If you don’t, the controller stays matched to it, which implies you can’t combine it with your Android gadget.

Start by placing Android into the discoverable mode as clarified in the past area. Next, hold the Sync button on the best Xbox One controller. Upon recognition, select the controller on your telephone and adhere to the guidelines to combine.

Note that this will work with more current Xbox One controllers that utilization Bluetooth. The first models discharged when the Xbox One originally came out use RF, which Android doesn’t bolster. In the underneath picture, the base controller (with no plastic around the Xbox button) supports Bluetooth.

On the off chance that your controller won’t associate remotely, you can utilize USB OTG. This additionally applies if you need to associate an old wired Xbox 360 controller. It should work with most Android gadgets, even though note that the Guide catch may streak while you use it.connect a controller to an android devices

Interface a PS4 Controller to Android

Sony has utilized Bluetooth in its controllers for a considerable length of time, which makes it simple on the off chances that you need to play Android games with a PlayStation 4 gamepad.

Make your Android gadget discoverable; at that point, match up the controller by holding the PlayStation and Share fastens all the while. At the end, when the controller light flashes, you should see a Wireless Controller section recorded on your Android gadget.

Select this to finish blending. A robust blue light on the PS4 controller implies that it’s effectively associated.

Mess around on Android With Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Incredibly, it’s even conceivable to attach a Nintendo Switch controller to your Android. You can either match up one Joy-Con all alone or, as the video above outlines, adjust both as an entire two-gave controller.

To adjust both Joy-Con connected to the Joy-Con Grip this way, you’ll need a remote connector and USB-OTG dongle good with your telephone. This helpful remote connector pack from May flash incorporates all that you need.

As could be, games that have controller bolsters will react to this better than those that don’t. Look at the going with video to discover progressively about controlling Android with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. Also, make sure to figure out how to share your Nintendo Switch interactivity on the web.

What Is the Best Android Game Controller?

You can interface any of these controllers to your Android telephone or tablet with changing degrees of achievement. While interfacing is commonly simple, a few games don’t work directly with a controller Best way to explain Connect a Controller to An Android Device.

The best controller alternative is the one that works for you. In any case, despite the nature of Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch controllers, one structured explicitly for mobile gaming may work better for your long haul. Whatever the case, if the Mobile games you play bolster support controllers, you ought to be okay.