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25+ Best KissCartoon Alternatives Sites 2021 | Free Watch Cartoons Online

Kisscartoon is a free streaming site where you can watch innumerable cartoons, animated movies, and other movies as well. Being a parent, the worst nightmare could be not being able to entertain your kids. Well, with the right kind of streaming site, you can entertain your kids all the time! This article will focus on kisscartoon alternatives and proxy since kisscartoon could prove to be dangerous and damaging to your site. The danger one can fear the most is the virus that can be transmitted into your software because of such websites.

In this article, we will talk about 25 safe and easy to use alternatives and proxies of kisscartoon.

We believe by selecting these, you will be able to get your child entertained at great levels.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a free streaming site where you can watch a variety of cartoons, animated movies, series, and what not all for free. Such sites are usually desirable for kids. Parents lookup for such sites to get their kids entertained. It has almost every kind of cartoon and movie available for kids of all ages and genders.

This site was unfortunately shut down in 2017 due to copyright issues. This happening created distress among parents and kids because it was one of the most hyped sites of its time. Has there been no issues with copyright and all, the site would have been a huge success in today’s time. Kids loved to watch cartoons and movies here. Parents too were greatly satisfied with the results and the diverse range of cartoons it had for their kids.

This article is for all those parents who struggle to find the right kind of site for their kids. All the good and best free sites are mentioned in this article that you could use to keep your kid entertained.

25 Best KissCartoon Alternatives and Proxies

1. Kiss Anime

Kiss AnimeIf you’re looking for something as great and convenient as kisscartoon, we suggest you look into kiss anime. It has greatly excelled in animated movies, and you can find a number of great ones here.

2. Anime ToonAnime Toon

Anime Toon is one of the most loved and rated sites. Kids really seem to enjoy all the animated movies available here. All you need to do is visit this site and enjoy it. It is as great as kisscartoon.

3. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy RollCrunchy roll is an American site famous for innumerable cartoons available there for kids. Parents really seem to like the site because of the fact that it’s easy and very convenient to use. It is absolutely safe for kids. It is one of the best alternatives for kisscartoon.

4. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon CrazyCartoon crazy is another amazing and enthralling option for your kids. The best part is that it has both cartoons as well as animated movies for kids. It becomes hard to choose the best one. It really is a crazy site as it has so much variety and content for kids of all age groups.

5. Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons OnlineWatch cartoons online is another site where you can watch a number of amazing and diverse cartoons online. It is highly loved by kids and the best part is that it works amazingly well without buffering.

6. Cartoon Extra

Cartoon ExtraCartoon extra contains all the kinds of cartoons you could think of. This is one of the sites that is most desired by kids as well as parents because of its convenience and amazing results.

7. Toonova

ToonovaA site where you can conveniently watch your favorite cartoons along with your kids is all that you need. Toonova is the site that is highly popular among parents and kids. It is easy to use and has a number of great cartoons available for kids of all ages.

8. Nyaa

NyaaNyaa is a public platform. But that is okay, the best part is that it has all Japanese content. Japanese cartoons are greatly loved by kids. It’s one of the easiest and convenient to use sites.

9. Disney Junior

Disney JuniorNow, who doesn’t like Disney? Disney is perhaps a child’s first crush. It is probably the first channel a kid starts watching. Disney Junior has all kinds of Disney cartoons and movies. It’s an amazing site that both kids and parents can enjoy.

10. Kim Cartoon

Kim CartoonKim cartoon is simple yet loved by many. A number of famous and fun cartoons are available at this site. If you want your kid to enjoy the best, this is the site for your child.

11. Cartoons On

Cartoons OnThe cartoon is a site that is used all over the world.

It is not only unique but diverse and highly entertaining. Your kid will definitely enjoy the massive amount of cartoons and funny movies it has.

12. Chia-Anime

Chia-AnimeChia anime is the site where you can find all the new and popular cartoons as well as animated movies. It is a highly-hyped site because of the fact that both parents and kids greatly love it.

13. Funimation

FunimationThis name might be new to your ears but it’s one of the most simple yet loved site there is for amazing content. Cartoons as well as animated movies can be found on this.

14. 9anime

9animeAs the name implies. This site is all about animated movies and cartoons. The best part is that content for every age group can be found here.

15. Watch Series

Watch SeriesAnother place where you can view all kinds of cartoons, series and movies for your kids is watching series. It is highly convenient and easy to use.

16. Anime Story

Anime StoryFull of animated cartoons and movies this could be just the right site for your kid to watch things if their choice. This could be the perfect pass time for your kids.

17. Anime Planet

Anime PlanetA place where you can find the content of every genre for your child conveniently and without any problem. All you need to do is visit the site and enjoy it with your kids.

18. Kim Cartoon.Biz

Kim CartoonThis is one of the best alternatives to kisscartoon. You can get a hold on all kinds of cartoons and movies for your kids of all age groups. This is highly easy and convenient and does not even require loading time.

19. Aniwatch.Me

AniwatchAnimated movies and cartoons are loved by all the kids. This site brings you every kind of animated cartoons and movies for your kids. This is among one of the best kisscartoon alternatives.

20. B98.TV

B98Another site that brings your child the ultimate happiness. A source of unlimited happiness and amazing cartoons. This is now only one click away.

21. Anime Lab

Anime LabLike the name states, it’s a lab of cartoons. It’s like a library of cartoons where you can find absolutely everything. If you’re looking for the perfect site for your kid, this is the one.

22. Toon Get

Toon GetThis site brings you high-quality cartoons and videos for your kids. The site makes sure that your kid enjoys every bit of their time while watching their favorite cartoons on this amazing site.

23. Watch Anime Dub

Watch Anime DubThere might be the best dubbed anime websites for cartoons and movies. Nothing can beat watch anime dub. The most convenient and diverse site there could be

24. Kiss Cartoon.Pro

Kiss CartoonThis is pretty similar to kisscartoon but a lot safer to use. It has variety and diversity for your kids to choose from. They can now enjoy their favorite cartoons for free without any complication.

25. Anime Rhina

If your child isn’t easy to satisfy. We suggest you visit this site. It has the best kind of cartoons and movies for your kids.

Reasons Behind KissCartoon Down

KissCartoon was abruptly shut down in 2017 because of copyright issues. However, all those who have been dire users of kisscartoon shouldn’t be worried as there are many kisscartoon alternatives.

How to Watch KissCartoon with VPN?

You need to get connected to a VPN server where let me watch this with a kisscartoon is available. By selecting the option you will be able to use kisscartoon.

Final Words

Just like adults need something to pass their time, children also need something to watch. Cartoons are perhaps something that we are sure many adults enjoy too. Kisscartoon has been a major attraction for parents when it comes to their kids and their entertainment. However, after when the site was shut down in 2017 due to copyright issues, parents were deeply saddened. That’s when they came to know of kiss cartoon alternatives. This article enlists all those KissCartoon Alternatives that could be used instead of kisscartoon for far more better and amazing results.